Boarding Information

Boarding Information For Our Canine Guests

Our canine guests enjoy a new modern facility. The sleeping quarters are constructed from state of the art material which ensures your pets are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our kennel area is a very new modern set up. All the living area is insulated for warmth in the winter and white to reflect the heat in the summer. These quarters are double sized and designed to be able to comfortably accommodate two large dogs.

All Suites now have a cooling misting system for the summer time.

At night the quarters are fully enclosed and during the day there is immediate access to large areas where your pet can relax and enjoy the view of trees and garden.

Throughout the day our canine friends are taken into large grassed play areas where they can chase a ball, play with their companion or just relax on the grass.

At the end of the day as we bed our canine friends they are all given a treat such as a dog biscuit or Schmacko.

We are happy to accommodate all breeds and sizes. We will accept undesexed males and in season females but there is an additional charge for undesexed males.


Our feeding regime is based on quality dry food plus a fully cooked chicken loaf that has cereals and vegetables mixed through it.

If your pet requires a special medical diet we are happy to make sure this is served, so bring this as well.

Our guests are fed once a day but if required we can feed your pet twice a day.

Medication can be administered as directed by you.


All pets must be fully immunised and they must bring a current C5 Vaccination certificate with them.

If your pet wears a coat bring that as well but please make sure it is clearly named.

We recommend that we find a suitable friend for your pet so that they have a compatible companion to share their holiday with. Dogs enjoy companionship and are used to having company at home (yours) so a friend makes their stay even more enjoyable.

We have a Vet on call 24 hours a day and if your pet should become ill we arrange immediate care either with your vet, if they are in the local area, or this clinic.

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